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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 8, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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obviously it's not here so i wouldn't mind hanging back and taking a little bit of pressure off myself. jim: top of the hour at the masters. third round. still have two players to bring home. a day that began with a very congested leaderboard. four tied at the top. right now finds two tied with six players separated by only two shots. and we're talking some of the biggest names in the sport. the gold medalist justin rose. sergio, rickie fowler. spieth trying to win a second green jacket. past champions scott and schwartzel. mcilroy. kuchar, rahm. look at these names. casey, such a good round today. the matches tomorrow at 2:00 eastern time. do note that at 1:00 eastern
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time, a special presentation of arnold palmer and his last visit to the masters, including the last-ever recorded interview with arnold palmer took place in butler cabin last year. it's never aired before. it will be tomorrow before the final round at 1:00 eastern time. nick: charley. 180 yards. familiar lean with his head. jim: hang on. nick: it will stick there. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] nick: just stay there. there is a tiny gully and he's caught it. that sprung off that corner like a pinball machine and it gave him momentum. if it had hopped and sat there, it wouldn't be doing this it actually spun off the corner of the green. that's a tough putt. he's got all of that little
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knoll, that little mound in the green to deal with. jim: he'd like to end up there tomorrow. nick: yeah, that could be a six-footer to who knows what? a perfect drive for sergio. right around the corner. perfect view. huge divot. big lean. oh, he's lost it, i think. he dug into it. just got steep on it. that's what he tends to do and didn't get it all the way back. he'll have the pressure of the two-putt that rickie's just played. jim: uh-huh. maybe just a fraction inside of rickie's first putt. so it will be a couple of hard-earned pars for the final par. -- pair. the masters is sponsored by --
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jim: the round of the day belonged to justin rose, who closed with a birdie at 18 to shoot 67. how far back do you go down this leaderboard to give anyone a chance? nick: jordan moved from four over day one after his quad to four under. scott has gone 9- 9 the last two rounds. the way you look at that. everybody is going to be moving forward so it's making even par quite difficult. but you never know. the course could be set up from
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somebody shoots a 64, 63. i wouldn't put it past rory to suddenly start brushing everything in jim: no, not at all. nick: hasn't really holed a lot so far. jim: maybe that's been save for the sunday. nick: do you think your manfredi is dreaming of a 62? jim: be all kind of history tied in that one, wouldn't there be? might as well shoot the lowest round in the history of any major. nick: absolutely. i used to dream of that. if i'm going, get out of that with that one. jim: it's worth reminding him, though. be in this position at age 57. go out and play one more round of your life. i guess it's going to be hoffman first.
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nick: he's got a much harder putt. up and twisting. it could probably come up left to right, hit that little knoll and go back right to left. as we've seen with this 18 green, it almost has amazing options. you can see it and bounce the ball, field it off another ridge. it does feed in from both sides. it could be opposite. it could go up the hill right to left and then go left to right. he's going for the right to left and again, it's short. jim: let's get a quick word from dottie. dottie: here with rickie fowler. last year you didn't even have
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a tee time on the weekend. what's been the biggest difference? >> i should have had a tee time last year but i decided to compound some mistakes and take myself out of it. the big thing the first two days was just go out, be patient. take what the course was giving us. it was playing tough. you had to keep ball in front of you and keep it from being in draufers places. did a good job of that and today made some good par saves to keep the round going. dottie: knowing how much arnold palmer has meant to you, what would it mean to you to win here in the first year he's not with us anymore? >> it would be special. it's already been special the first week he's not there. the first tee, being there with jack and gary. yeah, we're going to give it our all for him. dottie: thank you if -- and
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good luck tomorrow. jim: that was a good question from dottie because we saw rickie two got there two hours before his tee time to be there for the opening ceremony thursday. i guess hoffman is going to be away but outside of four feet. nick: i don't know how rickie surviveed that incredibly emotional morning ceremony with jack and arnold -- sorry, jack and gary in tears. i mean, that was -- chairman payne was absolutely phenomenal. it was a brilliant presentation. jim: it's going to be charley to go here. it's been such an interesting day for him in that yesterday he saw his first-day four-shot
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lead disappear and then today comes out at one time on the front, it's up to two then he's joined again. then he takes it back up to three with a birdie at 13. nick: and now he's had to work really hard for the last five holes. jim: that says a lot about him right there. nick: needed a little bit of knee bend. jim: never hurts. unless you have bad knees like some of us do. nick: that was good. needed that. that was a good recovery. so just a -- you know -- which is all part of it. i say it's important to scare yourself a little bit on saturday because it's a whole new feeling and he knows that poor tee shot at 14 and the poor shot at 16, go to the range, have a half of bucket -- hit a half of bucket of balls and say i've got and it clear the air. jim: a little bit too much
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emphasis on this putt but it's sergio and you're going into saturday night and you're either going to be tied for the lead and secure a spot in the last pairing or you're going to have to remember the fact that you three-putted 18. nick: he's going to have to dig deep because that first stroke wasn't his finest. jim: that might just tell you a whole lot about what's going to be in his heart tomorrow. nick: yeah, that was all that determination. you have to put the technical bit to it as well. but he had to regroup himself. that was good work right there.
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yeah, as i was saying, you've got to scare yourself to see how you react and then whatever happens, you'll learn from im. positive, great. if it's a negative, you have to find out why and go off and work on it and get ready for tomorrow at the speed of light. jim: watch the gallery. you know there would have been a time in other majors in other years where you might have thought over that putt 50-50. but not these days. they're dropping with great frequency. nick: as we say, he's a lot happier off the golf course and balance is a great thing. plans in your mind in your body and seems to have found some balance this year so let's see
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when he puts it to the ultimate test tomorrow. jim: he'll be paired with his ryder cup teammate justin rose. nick: we mustn't forget, these other boys are not going to give an inch. rose wants to win in jordan spieth wants to win this adam scott wants to storm back. charl schwartzel. look what he did. he birdied the last four to win. jim: saw him walking through the tunnel and pause and give his fiancee angela akins a kiss. they're getting married in july. part of what you were expressing about his off the course happiness in the balance in his life now. there you go, 54 holes complete. there are a lot of fascinating possibilities tomorrow, aren't there? nick: we talk so much about the masters doesn't happen until
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the second nine and that's not going to be the case tomorrow. you've really got to set the tone for the day over the front nine. it's going to be difficult. the first hole is very difficult. four and five are very difficult. even seven can be very difficult. so you've got to play the front nine really well. too many players there, too many opportunities. you're going to have to step it up and try to get a two, three under through the front nine and then hang on the your nerve and see what happens on the second nine. jim: hagestad and luck will be contending for low amateur honors. nick: that's a good fight to have.
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jim: with that, special recognition at the green jacket ceremony in butler cabin for the low amateur. let's look at some final-round pairings. including rickie fowler and jordan spieth. nick: do you think that might be the fan favorite? it sure will. that's going to create a buzz. jim: that's an amazing pairing but this one isn't so bad either. the last one out. justin rose, sergio garcia. well, more sunshine on the way tomorrow too. conditions are supposed to be very similar to today. a fraction warmer. there will be some hole locations you know that are going to create some excitement and some roars. symbol has become synonymous with automotive innovation, beauty and performance.
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at&t is creating a 5g network that will change the world. it will be everything you imagined... and everything that hasn't been imagined yet. how far into the future did you go? closer than you think. that's the power of &. jim: justin rose and sergio garcia are the 54-hole co-leaders at the masters with rickie fowler one behind. jordan spieth, charley hoffman, ryan moore two back. let's go down -- down to dottie. dottie: leer with sergio garcia. much talk about the third round for you here over history. today you got it done. what was the difference? >> the same thing i've been doing all week. fighting hard, accepting -- my swing didn't feel quite as good as yesterday but i fought hard
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with what i had and made some really nice putts when i had to. i hit a good amount of good shots but at the end of the day,st about staying patient and i felt like i hit some good shots coming in on the back nine and it was nice to see. dottie: 18 holes to go. what would your idol seve ballesteros tell you? >> i don't know, it would be nice to talk to him but probably something like, you know, believe in yourself, just enjoy as much as possible. it's not going to be easy but just have fun and say do your best. dottie: thanks for your time. jim? jim: dottie, thank you. masters final round again tomorrow. begins at 2:00 eastern time. and again, we'll have the arnold palmer special tribute at 1:00 eastern time.
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with his last-ever recorded interview airing for the first time. nick, i'll see you tomorrow. can't wait to see it. nick: can't wait, jim. this is going to be another very special sunday at the masters. jim: so for nick and all the crew, jim nantz saying so long from augusta national on a day of exciting golf and during a week of remembrance. ings. >> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news" an accused arsonist is under arrest. we're going to show you the path of destruction one man allegedly left in three separate fireplace visually impaired child gets the chance to hunt for eggs. how the bomb squad helped this happen. lauren. >> and after of a pleasant kickoff to the weekend a splendid sunday is in store. even warmer temperatures and as we head into next week, yes
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> charged with causing a catastrophe a man suspected of starting multiple fires in the philadelphia area is under arrest. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. the suspect is facing a laundry list of charges.
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"eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in queen village for us. >> reporter: natasha, the city wide arson task force says the man arrested was recklessly setting fires in the city for the last three months. authorities believe he's connected to three arsons including one at this well known deli in queen village. he was captured on surveillance video three separate times seemingly getting a thrill out of setting trash on fire. the first time in january was with a dumpster fire on ranstead street and this surveillance video it was hard to see him. authorities only able to say that he was a dark skinned man balding with dark clothes on o the next fire less than two weeks later the same man seen here lighting up trash along fifth street. that fire damaged several cars but again, no clear image of the man's face on surveillance video. it wasn't until february when the arsonist lit a fire alongside a queen village staple, that surveillance video caught a clear image of him. >> fortunately this was a
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perfect example of the cameras that i have on the building and the cameras that the neighbors have on the block, sheathe showed the whole thing. >> reporter: the owner of the fourth street deli is relieved authorities have arrested 59-year-old juan barkley believed to be the arsonist seen in the surveillance video also the man who could have put an end to this 94-year-old business. >> what was crazy when you watch the video hit it and then he went away and he came back to see that it was burning. >> reporter: and after the fire that was lit in february that ended up only being damage to an outside wall because emergency responders responded so quickly. obviously things could have been different and that is why juan barkley is that charged with causing or risking a catastrophe arson. >> fire ripped through a.m. townhouse on candlestick lane in sicklerville, new jersey this morning. authorities say flames were shooting from the third floor
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when firefighters arrived on the scene just after 5:30. all of the residents got out safely thanks to a smoke alarm. the cause of the fire still under investigation. and in camden admiral wilson boulevard is finally reopened following al trash fire this morning. the fire started near federal street around 5 o'clock. it took firefighters about two and a half hours to bring the flames under control. authorities say one person was burned. no word yet on a condition or the cause of this fire. and authorities charge a delaware man with human trafficking in george town jorge arsenia was being held on $250,000 bail. investigators executed a search warrant at a mobile home where they say several men were seen coming and going in a short period of time. investigators tell us a 25-year-old woman from the dominican republican -- republic was found in a bedroom. >> information on a kitten
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found in a trash bag doused in gasoline. two sanitation workers found the kitten while collecting trash in reading tuesday. the kitten is named miracle macy. she's undergoing treatment at the humane veterinary hospital. people for the ethical treatment of animals is offering the $5,000 reward and the humane society of berks county is also offering a $1,000 reward in this case. now this weekend meantime president trump is explaining thursday's air strike on syria has many voice both support and protest around the world. protesters gathered outside the united nations office in a syrian capitol of damascus today. they insisted there should be noughts war -- no u.s. war against syria. punishing syria for launching tuesday's attack wall necessary to prevent such future attacks he said. >> i think that we need to have further air operations to
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stop the -- this kind of slaughter. i would argue for al -- a no fly sewn is that arming and training the syrian army so i think the president made the right first step and i think he has the support of the american people. >> meanwhile activists say new airstrikes in syria have hit the same town impacted by the chemical attack. it's still not clear who'll conducted the strikes. and the u.s. is looking for any evidence russia is complicit in the chemical weapons attack. this comes as a russian war ship heads to me a russian base in syria. russia has been helping the assad government fight off rebels in the syrian civil war. russia's deputy ambassador to the un says the u.s. air strike will embolden isis and other terrorist groups in syria. of course we will that continue to cover the u.s. military attack in syria. stay with cbs3 "eyewitness news" and remember when we aren't on the air, you can always get the latest information online,
7:26 pm police in sweden are conducting raids looking for more suspects in friday's deadly truck attack. investigators say a bag of explosives has been found in the truck used in the terror attack. they also say the man arrested is likely the driver of the vehicle. four people were killed, 15 others injured when a stolen truck barreled into pedestrians on the busiest street in stockholm. also sweden's crown princess victoria visited the scene of the attack today. she laid red roses on the ground after wiping away a zero the crown princess told those gathered sweden must come together in solidarity. bringing the country to the city, philadelphia's largest single dale local food festival was in town. more than 180 vendors from across the state attended the seventh annual philly farm and food fest including fair frayed roasters and break away
7:27 pm
farms f insaod what i was live high tunnel display. farmers use high tunnels which enable them to harvest more crops than in an open planting field setting. >> did move from it sean to a saturday. this is to include some of our amish farmers and partners out in lancaster hoping though draw a bigger crowd this year. >> many vendors said they attend the because it's important to stay local on support the community. and students say show off their dance moves for a great cause in springfield delaware county. cardinal o'hara high school hosted a dance marathon on campus. students danced for 12 hours to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. the marathon is held in memory of danny hammond. he lost his 12-year-old cancer fight after the age of 21 back in 2014. when the music finally stopped at 1 o'clock this morning, the school had raised nearly $106,000. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a little boy who was visually impaired is still
7:28 pm
able to enjoy an easter egg hunt thanks to some creativity. >> listening to where they were and with daddy's help i was really zoning in on them. >> how these beeping eggs are changing the game for a little boy and his father. both unable to see the hunt as it unfolds. plus, a gorgeous spring day calls for a little bit of time on the mound. we're going to take you top mount laurel baseball's opening dale where everybody was encouraged to get out and play p lauren. >> and it was a sunny and seasonable saturday and a splendid sunday is on tap t i'll let you know how much we warm up as we head into our sunday afternoon in your full forecast and that's coming up. >> ♪ >> wet weather in california may have gotten them out of a drought but now it's compromising dozens of
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